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Phew. Three years since I last posted on this blog. Over the past 10 days I probably bored the pants off some of you with the ‪#‎carnegielibrary‬ hashtag on Twitter so apologies for that (I don’t really). The closure of our Carnegie Library by Lambeth Council started out as a local issue 300 yards from […]

Contact Sheets


After the success of the book Contact Sheets, it occurred to me that the very existence of this tool in the editing of film photography has been on the wane since many of us migrated to digital, side-lining the darkroom ghosts of one’s film. In the first of what may become a series of published sheets from my archive, I hope to explain what I was happening to me en route to the last frame.



You may find this grandee still puffing himself up as before but as my personal work is becoming more centred once again on street photography and the quirks of urban landscape, I imagine that from now on, these will form the basis of this blog.

Since the last weeks of autumn and throughout the winter, the street has welcomed back me into the grip of its own genre. Admittedly, Street Photography has become the populist way of seeing the everyday and the ordinary. Where reportage photographers routinely look for the special, I have again become obsessed with the humdrum.

A quiet cappuccino and croissant in Bar Italia, Frith Street. Featured on the wide-screen is Sky News live from Westminster with Gordon. Later that day in Lisbon he is to be reported as a naughty schoolboy who didn’t get to class on time – his European-urchin classmates tut-tutting as if he had missed the register. […]

To our Saxon ancestors, cankers were treatable with ointments made of goats gall and honey. For those afflicted with malarial quivers on the East Anglian marshes it was the Quake Doctor who waved his wand. Wart-charmers recommended rubbing a piece of meat on one’s crusty infection. When the flesh was decaying, so the wart disappeared. […]