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Edwardian travellers on the grand tour managed at most to climb alpine foothills (even the bell tower of Giotto’s Duomo in Florence) and maybe a daring dip in Lake Como. Tourists these days with swelling heads and purses can go to the lowest and the highest places on earth. They have an urge to enter orbit for a brief holiday with an obssession for photocalls.


Flying Circus


The Dreamliner’s windows tinted themselves a blue-green and reporters poured over Boeing’s current starlet as they might fawn at a Première in Leicester Square. I walked down the red carpet and beneath its belly thinking of Marilyn Monroe in the draughty grate scene and up to its bosomy engines. I touched their milk-white nacelles where in the future, the fluids of unknown engineers and service operatives will leave their oily secretions.

Von Braun as we know, has another place in history. Without him, Neil Armstrong would never have reached the moon to fluff his crackly ‘Mankind’ lines in 1969. I wonder though how many survivors of the Woolworths V-2 tragedy sat and watched that miracle for humanity in ignorant bliss?

The two alert eyes belonging to Lewis Hamilton stared intently as he listened. The press conference was hushed.