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Phew. Three years since I last posted on this blog. Over the past 10 days I probably bored the pants off some of you with the ‪#‎carnegielibrary‬ hashtag on Twitter so apologies for that (I don’t really). The closure of our Carnegie Library by Lambeth Council started out as a local issue 300 yards from […]

Tom lived alone as a hermit in a remote part of Skye, a secret place of his choosing .. an ex-soldier, a sailor, loner and survivalist now happiest out on the far fringes of society.

“My own dealings with writers have sometimes been like a forced-entry into a small room filled with nerve-gas. With stinging eyes and nausea, these assignments can be fraught with danger for those we are stalking ..”

Lingua Franca


One of my very favourite books is Mother Tongue by (Baron) Bill Bryson, England’s adopted Anglo-American peer who seems to turn butter into gold when it comes to churning out best-selling travelogues. But a few years ago he published a young Einstein-type ‘Idiot’s Guide to Every Aspect of Science and Natural History You Never Knew […]