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I’ve done my bit for humanity but this is the last afternoon as a fully functioning Homo sapiens with the ability to add his genes to Olympic pool. My primeval pieces are to be irreversibly altered and in the time of writing these paragraphs, another hour has passed before I am gelded for good.


It’s come to my attention that a Carnegie Library campaigner has allegedly been talking about me in unfavourable terms recently with something along the lines of ‘That Richard Baker has made loads of money’ (on the back of the campaign) but has ‘refused to help’. Seeing as I haven’t had the chance to defend myself […]

Bang on three-thirty, the UKIP smokers spilled out from Westminster Hall to light up after what was a gruelling group hug inside. MEP Geoffrey Bloom had earlier referred to their women members as “sluts” and whacked the political reporter Michael Crick across his comb over.

At lunchtime, bareheaded north Europeans poured from their air con offices to experience the blistering heat, squinted into the Biblical light, and then photographed the phenomena with their smartphones. Helios was having a blast.

Was The Marshes


Our band of weekend ramblers left south London early for the beautiful north Kent marshes and during the hour’s car journey east, we imagined a dash to a future airport terminal where a sprawl of concrete ramps and runways would take over the landscape – all yet to be built but ‘on the drawing board,’ as they say.

Small Steps


The resulting sequence tells us of Ella’s first independent steps, escaping from the clutches of her mum, 11 months after leaving the womb .. giving the idea of leaving safety with more of an evolutionary sense of Homo erectus mastering balance and momentum. The picture needed to show the hominid’s moment of upright motion.

.. At the finale of their folksy choreography, the men stretched up with hankies towards the bunting – a tribal worship to the national divinity like pagan prayers in neolithic Stonehenge.

Not far from where Barbara Hepworth’s bronze Divided Circle once impressed us before its brutal execution, a Peace Pillar between two Cabbage Palms with the words ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ – looks overwhelmed, a Hiroshima-inspired memorial being buried in the depths of a nuclear winter.

Everyday street spectacles: Tragic fires or the rioting mob, there are countless, similarly documented events in this century that bring nearer the sum total of an organic metropolis. Throughout the ages London has itself repeated – scenarios forever rewound. In the aftermath of the Blitz, bomb sites reverted to nature with species not seen since genteel Tudor times.

Wind and Waves


“.. Go away, madam..” Which is what I wanted to scream at the people in my pictures. But with the wind and waves, they wouldn’t have heard me.