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Phew. Three years since I last posted on this blog. Over the past 10 days I probably bored the pants off some of you with the ‪#‎carnegielibrary‬ hashtag on Twitter so apologies for that (I don’t really). The closure of our Carnegie Library by Lambeth Council started out as a local issue 300 yards from […]

Small Steps


The resulting sequence tells us of Ella’s first independent steps, escaping from the clutches of her mum, 11 months after leaving the womb .. giving the idea of leaving safety with more of an evolutionary sense of Homo erectus mastering balance and momentum. The picture needed to show the hominid’s moment of upright motion.



I have no recollection of my father making the hundreds of pictures on a borrowed camera, only of the slides that he obsessively stored and showed to us, now scorched into my earliest memories.

So beautiful, so breathtaking was it suspended from the south Duveens Gallery ceiling that I stood beneath two Ionic columns feeling the same shiver as lovers do when they secretly squeeze each others’ hands near a sensual nude. Its submissive, cruciform outreach seemed to affect others also beneath its wings, tattooed with pretty plumage.

General Booth was about to be sealed in, shielded from a morally-degraded society .. Under the light of his spiritual beacon, a disturbed young man shuffled behind me. He spied my camera and snarled a warning. A weary mum shunted a pushchair laden with children and shopping past the stern General whose preaching right hand stretched towards the declining numbers of strong and pure.

50th Summer


Alive and alert though absent-minded, I have triumphantly reached my 50th Summer. That’s – what, about 18,250 days of thriving health and Neolithic survival though there have been weekends when I have curled up, whimpering with man-flu as if the plague cross was being daubed on our door.