Smoking uKippers


UK - London - Union jack-covered box and plyboard hoarding

Bang on three-thirty, the UKIP smokers spilled out from Westminster Hall to light up after what was a gruelling group hug inside. MEP Geoffrey Bloom had earlier referred to their women members as “sluts” and whacked the political reporter Michael Crick across his comb over.

Grassroots UKIPers emerged to take in the air:  A lady with red hair and nicotine teeth with her party rosette sunk low; a suit who otherwise might have been a Guy Ritchie gangster, wearing a sharp Union jack tie (a U-Kipper?) and party £ pin – every bit a UK-PLC corporate; a country gent from the shires in tweed and sucking on a worn pipe with a freshly-brushed beard.

UK - London -UK - London - UKIP member's tie and badge detailUK - London -

Nigel Farage appeared too, crossing the cobbles towards sweating TV technicians. After racism finger-pointing, tweets were now zigzagging showing him on a screen grab with Hitler pixels across his upper lip – either a digital slip or well-placed larf by a BBC leftie. Politicos wanted his comment on this disastrous day and the leader stood with an earpiece plugging him into the wider networks like a snarling Clint Eastwood taking a bullet for the President. Bloom’s behaviour had wrecked the party conference, he needed to quickly admit.

In a city so cluttered and visually chaotic, plain backgrounds are valuable but it wasn’t until I neared the north end of Trafalgar Square later, that I saw a corner hoarding and the discarded fruit & veg box. While I hovered nearby, some drunks eyed me warily but the empty landscape of box and ply seemed compulsive as a metaphor of Britishness.

As fringe politicians try engaging us with tales of anti-EU xenophobia, here was the abandonment of the Union jack, our glorious national colours left as litter on the pavement, amid a background of banality.


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  1. 1 Violet

    Very cool photo

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