I made a return visit to Stratford to walk the line of the former blue fence that separates the east London DDR and the airport landscape of the New Olympics.

Alas, my circumnavigation stopped abruptly on the A12 Eastway with No Pedestrians signs by the vast media centre and I turned back south along the River Lea to re-enter Lord Coe’s country, ringed by PulseSecure’s electrified ring of wire.

The Greenway looks less green and more white concrete these days with early displays of graffiti on the first pillars. Over on the western border once stood the beautiful Manor Garden Allotments, the parcels of land where passionate community gardeners grew their veg – bulldozed for a warm-up track where Usain Bolt can stretch his hamstrings.

And then back to Westfield where on opening day a few weeks before, I rode on the tidal wave of shoppers entering this cathedral to consumerism. Expectant families arrived in cars as if, in another era, they could smell the sea – a day of rock pooling ahead. Instead, we were swept together like 2012 day trippers into a sea of greed.


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