England’s Pleasant Pastures was originally about random occurrences and musings, grabbed incidents during journeys from my work as a photographer approaching his 50th summer.  On average, one post per month.

The 68 posts attracted a migrant bunch who appeared to find all the subjects I covered through Google, seemingly trending as their teacher set new assignments. If it were February, Language would be the hot topic; September was castrato season and November the time for Guido Fawkes and the Somme. A quick cut and paste of my blurb into the homework allows them more time for Xbox before tea.

And along the way I gave away a few secrets while working with noted writers on the books we made.

But it was taking me so long to research and write each post (though huge fun) for such a temporary audience that I decided to put the page aside, enjoy some annual R +R and return with a different touch.

You may find this grandee still puffing himself up as before but as my personal work is becoming more centred once again on street photography and the quirks of urban landscape, I imagine that from now on, these will form the basis of this blog.

And so on this occasion I offer you a recent interpretation where the street subversive Nathan Bowen has left another of his cartoons, this time outside a London fire station.


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