.. the Street, Running


After the post entitled “Working the Street” where, after some diversions, I talked of a newfound sense of purpose in photography, things have gathered pace for me creatively.

Since the last weeks of autumn and throughout the winter, the street has welcomed back me into the grip of its own genre. Admittedly, Street Photography has become the populist way of seeing the everyday and the ordinary. Where reportage photographers routinely look for the special, I have again become obsessed with the humdrum.

This is a return to form for me. Back to the virtual promenades and seafronts such as Southend-on-Sea where in the mid-70s, I learned how to duck and dive, a sort of Essex pavement two-step. The first photography book I acquired in my early 20s was A Day Off by Tony Ray-Jones at a book sale in the precinct (1974, New York Graphic Society, Boston ISBN 0-8212-0708-3). Looking through the yellowed copy now, I see I’ve underlined two sentences in the intro by Ainslie Ellis. The first:

“When (I) look at the ground glass, I see not only the picture, but four to eight pages.” And,

“I’m concerned with pushing images to the edge of sanity.”

Ray-Jones loved Fellini and Jacques Tati who would both have loved A Day Off. The same visual comedies of Tati’s Jour de fête (1949) seem to leap out of its pages but both voyeurs of the same slapstick antic still have me spellbound.

And so to England’s Pleasant Pastures! This blog may end here, at this post. Or I may post more from here if it seems appropriate. For now though, I would encourage you to traverse this field with me; take a leap over the stile; cross the road and approach the city limits where I am rediscovering in photography, the ridiculous metropolis.

The UK Street Collective is a foundling alliance of myself, Paul Treacy and Justin Sainsbury, each of who have a subtle wit that sits well with my own sense of insanity. We shall henceforth be blogging from http://ukstreetcollective.blogspot.com so join us there, if you will.


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  1. And months after this post, I have announced a return to England’s Pleasant Pastures – alongside and complimenting The UK Street Collective.

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