Yellow Snow



Now the white stuff has all but shrivelled back to mother earth, a grim winter London is ours once again after the pretty respite. Unsalted pavements are passable without the worry of an ankle-wrenched hobble home. Schools are back so that our little dears can chuck whatever remaining plates of filthy slush they can find.

Last Wednesday our village primary was a trudge of exhausted-looking children after two days of more exercise and cold clean air than they have ever experienced in their short urban careers. A mum was snowballing at me her opinions of whether the school should have closed for two days, or not.

“I rang Mrs H and told her!” she sulked. “I said, if I can walk to school why on earth can’t all the others?” she spluttered, but just as she was about to add the tiresome words ‘.. and when I was at school ..!’ we reached the corner of  the playground. Turning the corner I spied my 10 year-old reach the apex of his slow-mo acrobatic flip, legs to the front and arms laterally stretched. My thought fast-forwarded to the notion of him landing back on the sheet ice with the crack of an ulna and the hard bang of his head. But he bounced, got up and grinned just as another kid came around the same corner, stepped on the same ice patch and performed the same impeccable somersault. The mother had already stalked off, scattering her irrational thoughts across the square like a council gritting lorry.

Brockwell and Ruskin Parks are largely sodden fields of quagmire today. But if this were 41 degrees 43’35” N, 49 degrees 56’54” W in the north Atlantic, RMS Titanic would be 2,000 fathoms (12,460 ft) below my mud-spattered Ecco boots and these anarchic bergs would be wallowing two-thirds below.

Instead, terriers and assorted hounds sniff the melting snowmens’ sinking tummies to offer a token of yellow dribble.


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