Out of the Cage



It is Thursday and I have allowed myself a few hours fresh air along the Thames. If it’s next Tuesday, it must be a biscuit factory in Belgium with my colleague Alain. So after many days tediously spent keywording and captioning pictures where I’ve been questioned for standing too near military perimeter fences, I reach the conclusion that the corridors of power deserve to have this telescope turned 180° towards them, in return for their own obsession with my movements.

The ‘scopes on Southend Pier used to take pennies. These take quite a bit more but if you’re lucky, you might spy an overworked MP sweating in his rabbit-hutch office. Indeed, if you believe Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) today, this might have been a great place to witness an airliner plunging into Big Ben. Assuming they knew it (BB), is the bell, not the tower.

At least I can leave my own cage whenever I see sunshine. It’s just that when I’m out, I feel so sodding guilty that I have to return home asap.


One Response to “Out of the Cage”

  1. Dear Generic Photographer

    I am sorry to be the one to point out the mistakes in your entry namely ” overworked MP sweating in his rabbit-hutch office”…

    If an MP is sweating in his office it is not because of him or her being overworked, trust me…Also have you ever read in the papers of an MP being submitted to hospital for exhaustion, don’t think so. Furthermore if that telescope would point towards the Houses of Parliament you would not see anyone there, there are all out for lunch…

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