Visual Viruses


Newsagent, Dulwich London

As fellow bloggers have pointed out, oggling through glass is becoming a disturbing habit. It may get me into trouble with the ‘long arm’ but it also might become what the art world calls a period. My Window Period.

Even though windows might be considered one of those photo-clichés we have all fallen for at some time, I paraphrase Bob Dylan in track three of his last work Modern Times: “I’ve rolled and I’ve tumbled.”

Last weekend saw the unveiling of Mr Bill Gates’ new Windows interface. Vista is so full of bacteria (1,000 viruses by the end of 2006) it can be commanded through malicious speech recognition to delete one’s precious files. I think this is a brilliant piece of nano-engineering and am trying to foresee the marital possibilities of commanding a PC to comply with such orders.

To celebrate this feat of vocal kidnapping (Mr Gates of course word-snatched Windows in the first place), I consider variations on this theme fair game and shall be on the hunt with my blunderbuss for more visual, and vocal viruses.

Best get that bird flu jab without delay.


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