Cruella, Walt and the Randy Rabbit


Dalmatian spots, London

Another animal and window theme and if it’s Friday – which it most certainly is, it must be Cruella de Ville skulking with her 101 spotty hostages. But this post isn’t about dogs, no-sir.

Under normal circumstances I could have recommend a private view of this newly-opened couture shop in Dover Street. I might have reported on what a daring new season it is for John Galliano (whom I have heard of); for Katarzyna Szczotarska (whom I have not) and for a certain Azzedine Alaïa of whom I know even less. I will however, bet a pony on a clothes horse their rag-trade must look great draped over jumble sale trestle tables throughout this 5-floor building. I might have commented with great verve on the glitzy garments on sale in the basement too and wonder who drew that short (straw) skirt? I might have but alas, I was asked to leave sharpish after setting foot inside the foyer with a camera in hand. I love being ejected from places I distrust.

According to the press release, the t-shirts on sale in Hut Box (above) feature a cartoon creature called Oswald, aka ‘The Lucky Rabbit’. Apparently Oswald was first sketched by Disney, with Oswald starring in a series of 26 silent movies made between 1927 and 1928 for Charles Mintz, a Universal-contracted producer (I didn’t know Hollywood animal actors were so fickle when it came to studio deals). It seems our hero then hopped from Mr Mintz’s lap to that of a man called Lantz but as for Walt, when he lost the rights to his pet rabbit, he came up with his own character – a pesky mouse.

But more of Oswald. His toonography reads like a catalogue of ‘70s soft-porn Betamax titles:

From the sinister “Africa Before Dark” (1927); the lady-boy metaphor “Ride ’em Plow Boy” (1928); a more romantic interlude with “Neck ‘n Neck” (1927); the fetishists’ “The Banker’s Daughter” (1927); the forerunner to heavy metal bondage “Ozzie of the Mounted” (1928); the wonderfully flirtatious, “Oh, Teacher” (1927) and the hardcore “The Ol’ Swimmin’ ‘Ole” (1927).

Lordy, that really was one lucky, promiscuous rabbit. I hope he had decent medical cover in that contract.


4 Responses to “Cruella, Walt and the Randy Rabbit”

  1. 1 SLB Ericson

    I am starting to get worried about you…are there a fetish with windows which we should know about here? Don’t stand on the outside looking in…go in see what it’s all about…but then on second thoughts. However regarding Rabbits…”I am not bad I am just drawn this way”…must be on of the best rabbit lines in history…

  2. 2 The Generic Photographer

    And I see Rudyard Kipling said way ahead of his time:

    “It’s clever, but is it art?”

  3. I sometimes watch disney films instead of eating pudding.

  4. Chocolate sponge cake , I hope.

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