Blue Balloons


South Bank London


4 Responses to “Blue Balloons”

  1. 1 SLB Ericson

    Is it because Tony Blair has been questioned again about the cash for honours questions and your OBE has not been delivered that you are showing your allegiance to Cam?
    Also on you previous entry being locked in does that have any reflection about being locked out, like from you blog?

  2. 2 The Generic Photographer


    I have indeed been the victim of a lock-out – rather than a lock-in, this time courtesy of Blogger. But all is well again and I’m continuing to spread the word, and the picture.

    Also, on the mouse front, the very next day after posting ‘We’re Locked in’ I locked-up our rodent beneath a tupperware container after hearing screams from my eldest early one morning. I had it trapped beneath the container and turned my back to dance a jig, only to turn around and find it had slithered out. Sticky pads are next. The stakes are being raised.

  3. why are the balloons sad?

  4. They’re sad because because they’re ‘Conservative’, or as you’d say in the US – Republican, and anything’s better than that.

    Next time they’ll be a lot jollier, and Liberal. Promise.

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